This catalogue is used to manage Linked Data resources for which persistent URIs, (PID URIs) using the linked.data.gov.au domain, are requested.

The configuration of this catalogue, a backup of its data and issues tracking its development are available in its code repository https://github.com/AGLDWG/PID-Allocations-Catalogue.

Resources Catalogued

This catalogue contains several types of items for which URIs are request and they are:

  1. Datasets - Linked Data static datasets or APIs that contain instance data
  2. Definitional resources - vocabularies & ontologies, perhaps even profiles
  3. Top-level Registers - highly visible registers of Linked Data individuals

For more information about these types of things, see the AGLDWG's URI Guidelines.

PID URI Allocation

To apply for a URI for a Linked Data resource, you will need to:

  1. be a member of the Linked Data WG
    • Australian government entities may hold membership; private individuals and private sector bodies may be observers in the group and may request URIs through members
    • see the Join Page to sign up
  2. have a Linked Data resource
    • you can apply for URIs for the types of things listed above in 'Resources Catalogued' but the resource will need to pass some tests to be accepptable for URI allocation
    • see the Governance Page to understand the requirements
  3. create an entry in this catalogue
    • all items for which URIs are requested will need an entry created in this catalogue
    • entries are then reviewed by the WG and, once approved, URIs are allocated.
    • this catalogue is open in that all entries - approved and yet-to-be approved - are publicly visible
    • to create an entry here, you will need a catalogue account. Contact the AGLDWG to request one (see below).

Creating Accounts on this system

You will need an account to be able to comment on or approve requests for PID URIs.

To get such an account, please just contact the AGLDWG as below. We don't allow account creation online as it attracts spam.


For all inquiries, please contact the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group via its homepage: